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Probability and Statistics

Activity in the Probability and Statistics area is focused on a broad spectrum of both theoretical and applied topics, among which are the theoretical foundations of statistics and stochastic processes, various approaches to statistical inference and relations with other branches of mathematics and computer science. In  the sphere of strategic applied topics, we work on the theoretical and applied aspects of probability and statistical models in finance and risk, science, industry and technology, and data science.

Our two groups, Statistics and Probability, comprise a core faculty of 17 researchers from a variety of backgrounds in terms of both their training and areas of expertise. All are members of the SNI [National System of Researchers]—65% at levels 2 and 3—and are engaged in ongoing collaborations with visiting academics from both Mexico and abroad.

This core faculty is complemented by researchers from other areas and units within CIMAT, post-doctoral researchers and visiting academics, as well as professors from the University of Guanajuato’s departments of Mathematics and Economics and Finances who share an interest in statistics and/or probability.

The area offers masters and doctoral programs in probability and statistics at CIMAT. These programs enjoy international recognition through the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) and currently involve the participation of over 60 students. Additionally, the area contributes to the University of Guanajuato Mathematics Department’s undergraduate courses and CIMAT’s undergraduate thesis program.

Several of the area’s members have expertise and earned success thanks to their collaboration in interdisciplinary scientific projects and applied research in industry and the social sector. Both present and past statisticians have been CIMAT pioneered successful outreach projects.

One of our most valued traditions is in the area of organizing academic events and ongoing seminars.

All this makes Guanajuato one of the most active and prestigious centers of research into probability and statistics not only in Mexico, but in Latin America as a whole, with more than 20 researchers and professors and over 75 undergraduate and graduate students working on these disciplines.

Our area also played an important role in the celebrations held for the International Year of Statistics in 2013.

Area Coordinator: Dr. José Alfredo López Mimbela



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