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Probability and Statistics


The activities of the Probability and Statistics area include the following: conducting pure and applied research, participating as professors in undergraduate and graduate programs, and collaborating on projects in the academic, social and business sectors. We specialize in analysis, description, stochastic modeling, statistical inference, optimization and other mathematical aspects of complex systems as well as processes that involve a random component or some uncertainty.

Specializing in two fields, Statistics and Probability, our area is composed of researchers with many training, interests and knowledge. They hold degrees from various prestigious institutions, in Mexico and abroad, often working on postdoctoral studies in close collaboration with other national and international researchers and with our own technical services staff. The Statistics and Probability area also collaborates with the Department of Mathematics (DEMAT) and the Division of Economics and Administrative Sciences (DCEA) of the University of Guanajuato.

The Probability and Statistics area is currently focused on a wide range of both theoretical and applied topics including: theoretical foundations of statistical and stochastic processes, several approaches to statistical inference, and the relationships of these disciplines with other branches of mathematics and computer science. We are also working on leading-edge research such as the theoretical and applied aspects of finance and risk, applied statistics in natural sciences, industrial statistics and statistical computing.

In CIMAT’s Probability and Statistics area there is a rich tradition of organizing academic events, both national and international, aimed at promoting research in probability and statistics.  This tradition has its origins dating back to 1988 with the First Symposium on Probability and Stochastic Processes held in Guanajuato.  Subsequently other events were organized, such as the seminar on Multiple Wiener-Ito Integrals (1992) and the conference on Biostatistics and Statistical Inference (1993).  Most recent events include the Iberoamerican Symposium on Experimental Design (2009) and on topics such as Statistics and Ecology (2010) and Risk (2010-2011).

To help raise interest in mathematics among the general public, we have organized workshops on biostatistics, created summer programs on probability & statistics, and created a school of probability and statistics.

The SPRUCE Conference (Merida, 1995), the Fifth World Congress of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and the Bernoulli Society (Guanajuato, 2000), and the Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications (Oaxaca, 2011) are among the international events we support.

We are currently organizing various activities to celebrate the International Year of Statistics in 2013, including the second Workshop on Risk Analysis in Economics and Finance and the Workshop on Multivariate Analysis and Random Matrices: New tendencies.

Head of the Probability and Statistics area: Dr. José Alfredo López Mimbela

See here some of the major publications of the Probability and Statistics area


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