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Pure Mathematics


The Pure Mathematics area at CIMAT is one of the most important in Latin America. It is composed of researchers who are internationally recognized for their scientific work.  These researchers develop and organize various outreach programs that benefit the general public.  The activities of the Pure Mathematics area cover a wide range of research topics in both pure and applied mathematics:



The Pure Mathematics area has numerous academic exchanges with national and foreign institutions. It also organizes workshops and specialized meetings in mathematics with both national and international attendance. Advanced seminars are also held periodically in different research areas such as algebraic geometry, functional analysis, differential geometry, numerical methods, differential equations, topology, dynamical systems, and applied mathematics.

Researchers in the Pure Mathematics area play a significant role in professional networking activities at CIMAT as well as an outreach role in mathematics and sciences in general.  Outreach conferences are held for teachers and the general public, science workshops are organized for young people, and mathematics courses are offered in at all levels.

Head of the Pure Mathematics area: Dr. Silvia Jerez Galiano
See here some of the major publications of the Pure Mathematics area

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