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Technology Solutions and Innovation for Industry and the Public Sector

Mathematics and the application of mathematical research are fundamental tools of innovation, providing solutions for the public, private and social sectors that can help raise the living conditions for society, and even contribute towards creating a safer and better world.  In the private sector, with mathematics at the heart of methodologies and processes in all business areas, companies that take advantage of mathematics can gain a significant competitive advantage.

CIMAT’s multidisciplinary teams of researchers, working with the participation of technical staff and students, provide expert solutions in technology transfer projects with applications such as:

Mathematical Modeling

Engineering teams, in conjunction with business process teams, develop models to predict the behavior of processes and carry out diagnostics, analysis, design and development of proprietary technology by applying mathematical optimization techniques.

Statistical Inference and Stochastic Modeling

These types of projects range from the acquisition and organization of information all the way to the interpretation of data related to phenomena and processes that impact organizations in many areas such as the design of new products, production and strategic planning.

Modeling strengthens the evaluation process and facilitates decision making, which is applicable in broad areas such as in the design of public policies, in new product development, and manufacturing.

Engineering and Software Development

This includes the development of software, algorithms and computer systems to control and help modernize all types of businesses and organizations. Software development is applicable also to the development of computer systems that support the modeling processes mentioned above.

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